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Modular power protection for servers, midrange systems, and business critical applications
When mission-critical datacenter applications such as fileservers, midrange systems and telecom equipment are on the line, you need a UPS that can take care of your loads and take care of itself. With an innovative, high-availability, modular design, and included software, Matrix-UPS means high reliability, low operating costs and manageability that will defend both your datacenter and your bottom line.





Features & Benefits


Built-in automatic bypass Ensures seamless power to the loads even in the event of an electronics failure or an overload condition

Galvanic isolation Protects loads against surges and spikes even when the unit is operating in the bypass mode

Hot Swap Batteries Ensures continous operation of the load even when the batteries are being replaced

Hot Swap Electronics Ensures continous operation of loads even when the electronics of the UPS are being replaced

Battery modules connected in parallel In the event of a single battery module failure, other battery modules still have ability to power up the load


Extendable Run Time An unlimited number of matching battery packs can be added to increase the runtime to desired amounts


LCD AlphaNumeric Display Via the product display panel, key measurements can quickly and easily be accessed. This information covers utility power, battery status, output volume, and capacity percentage. In case an alarm condition occurs, an audible alarm is activated, the red alarm light goes on, and the display shows the cause of the alarm. The monitors separate functional values, each of which can activate an alarm. The product also maintains a time-stamped log of all important power and UPS events. The log is accessible from the display for easy diagnostics.

SmartSlot By adding APC accessory cards into the built-in SmartSlot, you can monitor power conditions and take action. The addition of the accessory cards increases overall system availability by proactively notifying you of conditions that could affect uptime. (Accessories sold separately)

Software PowerChute Business Edition, departmental-level management software, enables IT administrators to provide safe system shutdown and UPS management for servers and workstations.


Built-in manual bypass Ensures continous operation of loads even when the electronics of the UPS are being replaced

Swapable components Swappable components significantly decreases the Mean Time to Repair for UPS's

User replacable batteries Allows customers to easily replace the batteries themselves, and giving them the opportunity to save huge expenses associated with onsite service contracts.


Line-interactive Innovative line-interactive design uses the DC to AC power inverter "in reverse," like a battery charger, during normal operation providing greater performance and efficiency.


Input Line Cord Allows units to be plugged directly into a wall outlet, hence nullifying the need for an electrician to wire the unit.

Hardwire Capabilities Simplifies connection of scattered loads to the UPS

Multiple Output Voltages Provides flexibility in running different loads with different input voltage requirements simultaneously

Output Plugs available Output plugs along with Input Line Cord makes the UPS almost a plug and play solution


EPO Allows easy integration of units into a datacenter / computer room environment



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